Want Reliable, Affordable CO2 Free Power? Then it’s Time to Grow Up & Go Nuclear


Anyone still banging on about CO2 emissions in the electricity generation sector, ought to be banging on about nothing other than nuclear power.

Nuclear power is the only, stand-alone generation source that can deliver reliable, affordable power without generating CO2 gas, in the process.

The fact that politicians in this Country talk about anything but nuclear power as a solution to Australia’s unfolding energy crisis, speaks volumes.

If CO2 gas really is the existential threat it’s made out to be, then nuclear power is the only solution.

With power prices rocketing out of control and a grid on the brink of collapse, Australia’s PM, Scott Morrison is starting to sound like a grown-up, at long last.

Whatever it takes: ScoMo prepared to go nuclear if it cuts power prices
The Australian
Greg Brown
8 October 2018

Scott Morrison says he would overturn the ban on building nuclear reactors in Australia…

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