Wind Turbine Time-Out: WHO’s Health Hazard Warning Prompts Demand for Immediate Wind Farm Moratorium


Connie Bonaros: fighting for South Australian lives and livelihoods.

The wind industry is what it is thanks to naïve, gullible and pliant politicians. But not every MP drank the Kool-Aid. One who didn’t is SA Best Member of the Legislative Council, Connie Bonaros.

South Australia is the place that set and met its very own ludicrous 50% Renewable Energy Target. For that it suffers the highest retail power prices in the world, mass load shedding and blackouts. This summer guarantees repeat performances of both, every time the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in. Portable generators will be the must have item come December.

Then there’s the destruction wreaked in South Australia’s rural communities, at places like Waterloo, Mt Bryan, Hallett and Jamestown.

Clearly concerned about her constituents, Connie use the World Health Organization’s new noise Guidelines (which declare wind turbine noise a serious health risk) as a pretty solid…

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