Not In Anyone’s Backyard: Angry Neighbours Launch $Million Lawsuit Against Wind Farm Developer & Council


Sick and tired of soul-destroying wind turbine noise, a group of Victorian farmers have launched a class-action seeking $millions in damages. Their targets are the wind power outfit responsible and the Council that rubberstamped its development application, and which is responsible under Victoria’s Public Health and Wellbeing Act to remedy the noise nuisance created.

Here’s a report from A Current Affair on what it is that drove them to take action.

Not in our backyard
A Current Affair – Victoria
Martin King
1 November 2018

Tracy Grimshaw:  In theory wind farms are a great idea but apparently not if you live near one. They’ve been blamed for everything from headaches and trouble sleeping to blurred vision, nausea, and panic attacks. These families want them gone.

Danny O’Brien: I’m actually not your enemy.

Community member: Knock yourself out.

Danny O’Brien: Can you just … can you just let me explain…

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