Industrial Onslaught: Wind Turbines The Gold Standard in Rural Community Destruction


The furious reaction that erupts whenever wind developers turn up in peaceful rural communities is now one of life’s immutable laws.

Across the Land of the Free, there is a seething tide of frustration and anger that has seen thousands of community defenders rally in order to keep it that way; from Arkansas to Ohio and everywhere in between. New York is just the latest State to have misjudged the resolve of people out to protect their homes, families, their communities and the environment from the scourge of industrial wind power.

Lighthouse Wind splits towns into factions
Niagra Gazette
Tim Fenster
15 October 2018

Lyndonville: A community divided – opposing protests, foul language, heckling outside of forum.

In the hour leading up to Apex Clean Energy’s community forum Oct. 4 , two groups had gathered in the parking lot at Lyndonville’s L.A. Webber Middle-High School.

One group stood staunchly in…

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