Deutschland’s Death Spiral: Germany Can’t Control Runaway Cost of ‘Green’ Energy ‘Transition’


When energy policy is driven by ideology, rather than engineering, physics and economics, expect mixed results. Unmitigated disasters, like Australia’s wind and solar capital, South Australia are just the most obvious examples of what happens when lunatics take charge of the asylum.

Germany is right up there, too. With rocketing power prices and a grid on the brink of collapse (just like South Australia) Germany’s inevitable ‘transition’ from all wind and sun powered future (aka the Energiewende) has slammed into reality.

Attempting to run on sunshine and breezes is an attempt to turn pure chaos into order. As Germans are now learning, tackling that chaos has a price: and the price is staggering.

Here’s Dr John Constable detailing the latest on Deutschland’s self-inflicted death spiral.

Has the Cost of Germany’s Energiewende Entered a Critical Phase?
Dr John Constable
The Global Warming Policy Forum
8 November 2018

Electricity system management costs in…

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