Never Economic, Never Competitive: Wind Industry Built on Lies & Runs on Subsidies


The wind industry has been firmly attached the subsidy teat for more than 30 years. Talk about being competitive with conventional generators is patent nonsense: cut the subsidies and this so-called ‘industry’ would disappear in a heartbeat.

Whether it’s in Western Victoria, South Australia or in the midwest of the USA, wind power is always and everywhere about massive and endless subsidies.

Janna Swanson and her husband, Paul, live in Clay County, Iowa and farm together in both Clay and Palo Alto Counties. Janna is the president of the Coalition for Rural Property Rights, a large statewide grassroots group of farmers, residents and landowners standing against the onslaught of industrial wind in Iowa. She is also a board member of National Wind Watch and a member of the Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance.

PTC still going strong
National Wind Watch
Janna Swanson
20 October 2018

In the political debates recently…

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