Collateral Damage: Poor Biggest Victims of Britain’s Insane Climate & Energy Policies


As a bitter British winter bites, spare a thought for its poor and vulnerable who can’t afford power, thanks to its suicidal energy policies.

Principal amongst those policies is the Climate Change Act. 10 years on, Britain is counting the cost of the CCA: it’s staggering and it’s the poor that suffer most.

The Climate Change Act at Ten: History’s most expensive virtue signal
Global Warming Policy Forum
Rupert Durwall
November 2018

Executive Summary

The Climate Change Act (CCA) is ten years old. Parliament passed it overwhelmingly, only five MPs voting against it in the House of Commons.

If truth is the first casualty of war, the poor are the biggest casualties of the CCA. By now, fuel poverty was to have been a thing of the past. Both the Labour and Coalition governments had a target to abolish it. Thanks to the CCA and other anti-fossil-fuel policies, it lives on and is worsening.

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