Global Conspiracy: Climate Alarmists Predict Dismal Future for Wind Power as ‘The ‘Big Calm’ Looms


It takes a special brand of delusion to believe a modern economy can be powered by the weather. While weather forecasters struggle to get their daily predictions to match reality any more than 7 days in advance, climate warriors have no reticence in predicting the temperature 30 years from now.

As American baseball and pop philosopher, Yogi Berra put it: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future”.

As we are repeatedly told, wind power is our future and our total transition to that and its co-traveller, solar, is inevitable. As to the former, there is that minor meteorological phenomenon that impedes that overblown forecast.

Calm weather has a habit of setting in for days on end: think a week of dead calm frosty mornings in June and a run of breathless 42°C days in February.

Those characters ready to throw all common sense and reason to the wind…

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