Wind Power Chaos: There When You Don’t Need It – Never There When You Do


Well, you said you wanted to rely on the weather …

It’s no news to sailors, that the wind is never there when you need it and often there when you don’t. Coal-fired steamships took the guesswork out of Maritime navigation, ensuring passengers and cargo arrived safely, promptly and on schedule.

Bucking the trend set by the Industrial Revolution, Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia blew up its last coal-fired power station in 2017.

With 1,929 MW of wind power capacity, SA has the greatest reliance on chaotically delivered wind power of any state in Australia. It suffers the world’s highest power prices as a result.

The South Australian economy is on the skids, with its once dominant motor manufacturing industry a fading memory, and mining and mineral processors struggling under the weight of skyrocketing power prices. The best and brightest have long vacated, leaving an ageing and moribund population…

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