Australia’s Monumental Wind & Solar Fail: Soaring Power Prices Just the Beginning


Australia’s power pricing and supply calamity is down to an obsession with heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar.

With a Shorten led Labor/Green Alliance odds-on to win Federal Government this May, the disaster that is South Australia threatens to break the border and infect every other state in the Commonwealth: Shorten is pushing his very own 50% Renewable Energy Target and a 45% target for carbon dioxide emissions.

SA is the place that set and met its own ludicrous 50% Renewable Energy Target. It suffers the world’s highest power prices as a result. Those on standing offers got whacked with a 22% increase in their power bills over the space of 2018. The worst is yet to come.

And yet, those that ought to know better (and who actually have the responsibility for doing something about it) act as if SA is some kind of outlier, and…

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