‘Green’ Energy Fail: Counting the Staggering Cost of Britain’s CO2 Emissions Reduction Policy


When it comes to reducing carbon dioxide gas, wind power is touted as the perfect panacea – turns out it’s an abject failure on that score, too.

Leaving aside arguments about whether CO2 is a toxic pollutant or a naturally occurring beneficial trace gas which plants crave, the primary object of Britain’s effort to power itself on bluster and breezes is reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the electricity generation sector.

Assuming some economic benefit from such a reduction, any trained economist might reasonably ask a few pointed questions about the cost of doing so.

It turns out, that Britain’s obsession with wind power has placed it in an even worse position than had it done nothing at all. If the object was reducing carbon dioxide emissions, then gas and nuclear were the obvious choices. Instead, the Brits plumped for wind power, sent power prices through the roof and placed their…

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