Fantastic Nonsense: Claims About All Wind & Solar Powered Future Completely Implausible


It takes a special brand of delusion to believe that we’ll all soon be powered entirely by sunshine and breezes. These days, those peddling that myth are guaranteed to be in on the greatest government-backed rort in history.

Fantastic stories continue to appear about our imminent transition to a world that runs entirely on 100% wind and solar. Albeit, with trillions of batteries – said to be capable of accounting for sunset and the kind of chaos delivered by wind power’s sudden surges and complete collapses.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, no country has ever powered itself entirely using wind and solar power; no country ever will.

100 percent “green” energy far from feasible
14 January 2019

WISHING something is so doesn’t make it possible, and nowhere in politics is the gap between aspiration and reality larger than in the push to quickly eliminate fossil fuel use.

Some politicians…

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