Avian Exodus: Loons Vacate Vast Tracts of North Sea To Escape Wind Turbines


The wind industry’s rampant bird and bat slaughter is an inconvenient truth, to be sure.

The wholesale slaughter of millions of birds and bats – includes rare, endangered and majestic species, like America’s iconic bald and golden eagles. The default response from the wind industry is to lie like fury and – when the corpses can no longer be hidden and the lying fails – to issue court proceedings to literally bury those facts (see our post here).

A recent Indian study establish that wind turbines are responsible for slaughtering 75% of local raptors. Now a German study has found that North Sea loons are being driven from vast tracts of their favoured hunting and nesting grounds by offshore wind turbines.

Loons Are Getting Squeezed By Wind Farms
Hakai Magazine
Jenny Howard
14 January 2019

Wind turbines don’t just wallop birds that collide with their spinning blades, they also…

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