Renewable Energy Meltdown: Heatwave Leaves Wind ‘Powered’ South Australians Sweltering In the Dark


If you’re relying on the weather for your power, prepare yourself to live without it: South Australians know the drill very well.

In yesterday’s post, we focused on 25 January the day when Victorian wind power output struggled to produce 20% of its nameplate capacity, and 200,000 households struggled to survive without air-conditioning, or any of those other creature comforts one expects in a (notionally) first world country.

In this post, we’ll wind the clock back 24 hours and take a look at the chaos that reigned in both Victoria and South Australia.

The graphic above is a snapshot of the debacle in South Australia, where more than 26,000 households were left powerless on a very hot summer’s evening (the figure increased after that).

Be warned that the story below is a mixture of hysteria and RE propaganda. South Australians and Victorians get to deal with the hysteria, STT…

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