Tall Texan Tales: Hyperbolic Claims About Wind & Solar Performance in Texas Are Pure Nonsense


It takes more than audacity to promote an all wind and sun powered future – it requires the deluded to make nonsense sound reasonable.

When zealots start waffling about wonderful wind and solar ‘resources’, that the wind and sun are ‘free’ and if we all believed together, we’re just a heartbeat away from ditching fossil fuels forever – don’t just grab a bucket, make sure you’ve got a firm grip on your wallet, as well.

Because – whatever the prospects might be for nature’s wonder fuels – the cost will be astronomical; and it’s you who will end up paying.

Texas is held up by American wind worshippers as a model of what can be done. However, as Willis Eschenbach points out, the Lone Star State is the perfect example of unhinged hyperbole. As Willis details, the cost of adding even a trivial amount of chaotically intermittent wind power to…

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