How Subsidised Wind & Solar Destroyed Australia’s Economic Competitiveness


Chaotically intermittent and heavily subsidised wind and solar have sent power prices soaring in Australia. Barely a generation ago, Australians enjoyed the lowest power prices in the world, now they suffer the highest. And it took a little over a decade – see above.

In a helpful exposition of Australia’s self-inflicted power pricing and supply calamity, Alan Moran details the causes and consequences below.

Alan was prescient in his forecast of summertime blackouts – his article was published just a few days before 29,000 South Australian households and 200,000 Victorian households (not to mention dozens of energy hungry businesses) were unceremoniously dumped from the grid during a hot spell, which coincided with dramatic collapses in wind power output in both states.

Banks pretend to be virtue signalling while plundering electricity consumers
Catallaxy Files
Alan Moran
21 January 2019

In the salad days prior to 2015, before governments’ destructive interventions undermined…

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