Cuomo’s Con-job: Governor’s Bogus Claims About New York’s All Wind & Solar Powered Future


No country has ever powered itself entirely using wind and solar, no country ever will. Andrew Cuomo appears to think that New York State can defy the laws of nature, physics and economics. The Governor is ready to trash his State’s reliable and affordable electricity supply, claiming he can replace it with a ‘system’ powered by nature’s wonder fuels.

As if examples like South Australia, Germany and Denmark aren’t enough – RE ‘superpowers’ that pay the world’s highest power prices – New York’s Governor, attempting to defy the odds, reckons he can deliver an all wind and sun powered future at no extra cost to his constituents.

As Norman Rogers points out, New Yorkers should prepare themselves for a world of rocketing power prices and an unstable grid.

New York State and Renewables
American Thinker
Norman Rogers
12 January 2019

New York State’s population is shrinking.  In the year ending on…

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