Fantastic Nonsense: Wind Industry Performance Claims Simply Don’t Stack Up


The idea that one day soon we’ll all be powered by sunshine and breezes is infantile nonsense. No modern economy has ever powered itself entirely with wind and solar power. Still, we’re continually berated with the notion that our ‘transition’ to all wind and sun powered future is ‘inevitable’.

In reality, the only thing that is ‘inevitable’ are routine, sudden collapses in wind power output and sunset. As to the former, see above the total output from South Australia’s 1,929 MW of wind power capacity on 24 January, a day when power prices went through the roof ($14,500 per MWh – instead of the $50 that a coal-fired plant can deliver at a profit) and 30,000 households were left sweltering in the dark.

Step back for a moment and consider that the wind and solar industries have received hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies over the last…

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