Renewables Rip-Off: Massive Subsidies Make Offshore Wind Power Most Expensive Of All


The true cost of chaotically intermittent wind power is staggering; the cost of offshore wind power is astronomical.

In Australia, the Labor backed construction union is howling about the fact that they can’t get an enormous offshore wind project up and running off the coast of Victoria.

Throwing scorn at the Federal Coalition government about the lack of ‘policy certainty’ and a perceived vendetta against renewables, the rent seekers involved apparently can’t spot the hypocrisy for the trees.

In one breath they’re telling us how cheap wind power is, in the next they’re bitching about the need for massive subsidies to last until kingdom come.

In truth, the project has absolutely no hope of getting off the ground. And the reason is that offshore wind power is ridiculously expensive.

The capital cost of spearing these things offshore is multiples greater than doing so and some dimwitted farmer’s back paddock

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