Eve of Destruction: Australia’s Economy First Victim of Renewable Energy Fiasco


Coal and the PM: if only it was a marriage and not a passing affair.

If the objective of Australia’s energy policy is destroying its economy, we’re well on the way. With more than $70,000,000,000 squandered on subsidies to wind and solar, both large-scale and domestic, power prices rocketing out of control, routine, mass power cuts, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in, and the destruction of reliable baseload power plants (South Australia blew up its last coal-fired power plant last year, following suit Victoria took out its Hazelwood plant) – the results can be fairly called an utter fiasco.

One of the few that saw this coming, from the very beginning, was Alan Moran. Here he is detailing the self-inflicted disaster that’s beset the once Lucky Country.

Energy policy: the $72 billion fair dinkum disaster
Spectator Australia
Alan Moran
26 February 2019

Energy and climate…

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