No Contest: Intermittent Subsidised Wind & Solar Most Expensive Electricity of All


Sunset and calm weather mean that wind and solar don’t compete with coal, gas or nuclear power, but that doesn’t stop pointless cost comparisons. Electricity generated when you don’t need it, is worthless – and wind or solar power that you can’t get, just when you need it most, can’t be bought at any price. And that’s what comes if you attempt to rely on sunshine and the weather.

In this little analysis, Donn Dears dumbs it down, so that even the most numerically challenged might appreciate just why chaotically intermittent wind and solar will never replace conventional power generation.

Worldwide Costs for Power Generation
Power for USA
Donn Dears
19 February 2019

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently issued a report, World Energy Outlook WEO 2018, on the energy transition that, according to the IEA, is underway in an effort to combat climate change. 

The IEA claimed…

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