Europe’s Wind Industry Faces Total Collapse: No New Wind Farms Built Since 2017


RE zealots tout rapidly increasing wind power capacity as ‘success’. Except, in Europe a dozen countries haven’t erected a single turbine during 2018, and that coincides with a massive slowdown in construction elsewhere.

As you tread your way through the following article, be sure to ignore the usual rubbish about this wind farm ‘powering’ hundreds of thousands of homes. What they meant to say, of course, is that – on those rare occasions when wind conditions are perfect – and the turbines are actually operable, heavily subsidised wind power will knock conventionally generated electricity out of the market, for a few hours at a stretch. Until calm weather sets in and coal, gas, hydro and nuclear picks up the tab, once again.

Propaganda aside, the message from the article is pretty clear: with an almost total collapse in new construction, the wind industry has had its heyday in Europe.

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