American Resistance: Rural Communities Reject Destructive & Disruptive Wind Power Projects


One wind industry myth is that farmers and families can’t wait to have 300 tonne wind turbines speared into their backyards. A raft of litigation, protests and open hostility to the wind industry, in general, and wind developers, in particular, suggests otherwise.

As Robert Bryce details below, rural communities are not prepared to give up the value of their properties, or the ability to live in their very own homes, to allow a handful of inner-city elites to wallow in their own, dubious, ‘virtue’.

Vacant-land mythology impedes serious energy discussions
The Hill
Robert Bryce
25 February 2019

Perhaps the most enduring myth in American energy politics is that there’s an endless amount of vacant land out there in flyover country that’s ready and waiting to be covered with forests of renewable-energy stuff. The truth is quite different. All across the country, rural communities — even entire states…

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