Power Play: Call for Reliable & Affordable Electricity Means Investing in New Coal-Fired Plant


Australia’s self-inflicted renewable energy calamity sent power prices through the roof, leaving hundreds of thousands unable to afford power. In this country blessed with abundant reserves of coal, gas and uranium. It’s Australia’s Great Shame.

The causes are all political; driven by the delusional hard-green-left that people the Greens and that now dominates the Labor Party, aided and abetted by a handful of bed-wetters in the (notionally conservative) Liberal Party.

Starry-eyed latte sippers in the inner city (who haven’t a clue about electricity generation or distribution) are fair game for RE zealots and the rent-seekers who employ them to with up a frenzy around imminent global incineration.

Windmills and solar panels are the only ‘solution’ advanced to our pending climate doom.

Never mind that no country, anywhere on Earth, has ever powered itself in any meaningful way with wind and solar; no country ever will.

Australia is at the crossroads…

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