Hypocrites Playground: Australian Renewable Energy Policy Driven By Virtue Signalling Halfwits


Reading this in Australia? Then you’re doing so, thanks to coal. You might be doing so thanks to nuclear power, if only the dimwits that profess to run this country hadn’t banned it.

On any given day, between 70 and 80% of what flows through Australia’s Eastern Grid comes from coal-fired power plants.

Of course, there will be plenty of occasions when wind and/or solar are adding absolutely nothing. But the reverse is never true: if coal-fired power plants started behaving like solar panels and windmills, Australians will be sitting freezing or boiling in the dark, more than half the time.

Common sense and virtue signalling don’t mix. The modern idea that the world will soon be shot of fossil fuels is two parts childish nonsense and three parts hipster hypocrisy. The same class that pontificate about the evils of carbon-based fuels, quite happily jet around the world ramming their…

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Sanity Shutdown: Staggering Cost of Australia’s Renewable Energy Policy


The economic destruction wreaked by Australia’s obsession with intermittent wind and solar was perfectly predictable and perfectly avoidable.

Power prices have rocketed out-of-control, energy hungry industries are chopped from the grid whenever sunset and/or calm weather coincides with heavy demand during very hot or very cold weather. The boffins in charge of this calamity cynically call that Soviet-era rationing ‘demand management’.

Having power as and when businesses need it is one thing, being able to afford it and make a profit, is quite another.

The situation is desperate.

Not least because Liberal PM, Scott Morrison has made no serious effort to restore sanity to the market place, and no sensible effort to build the baseload generation capacity this country sorely needs. Instead, he’s recently announced a plan to build a few small-scale pumped hydro plants and a few highly inefficient gas-fuelled, fast-start peaking power plants (Open Cycle Gas Turbines –…

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Victorians Vindicated: Bald Hills Locals Ecstatic as Council Declares Wind Farm Noise ‘Unlawful Nuisance’

Vindication… finally!


Don Fairbrother: well on the road to ultimate victory.

A group of Victorian farmers – tormented by wind turbine noise for years – have finally been vindicated with their Council declaring it an unlawful nuisance.

The community surrounding the Bald Hills wind farm, built by a Japanese developer, Mitsui and Co, have been tortured by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound since March 2015, when its 52, 2 MW Senvion MM92 turbines spun into action.

Neighbours started complaining to the developer about noise, straightaway.

But, as is their wont, the developer and its goons simply rejected the mounting complaints and carried on regardless. As we explain below, that callousness will soon come back to bite them.

Locals, however, were not perturbed.

Instead, they lawyered up. Engaging the feisty and tenacious Dominica Tannock.

Starting in April 2016, Dominica went after the South Gippsland Shire Council which, under the Victorian Public…

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Pathetically Pointless: Massive Increase in German Wind Power Capacity Adds Nothing to Power Output


Adding wind power generating capacity is one occasion when ‘more’, truly means ‘less’. No matter how much of other people’s money gets spent spearing wind turbines all over the countryside, the result is the same: whether it’s 10,000 or 100,000 MW of available wind power capacity, when calm weather sets in, the combined output adds up to nothing.

Like pushing on string, eventually there is absolutely no return on the effort expended.

Germany is a case in point. No country went harder or faster, when it came to throwing its resources at heavily subsidised wind and solar.

Faced with rocketing power prices and a grid on the brink of collapse, instead of retreating, Germany has doubled down. However, as Pierre Gosselin explains, you wouldn’t know it from the paltry output being (occasionally) delivered.

Unreliable Power Source…Adding Capacity Does Little To Solve Germany’s Green Energy Power Gaps
No Tricks Zone

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Hot Stuff: Power Prices Soar Whenever Hot Weather Combines with Wind & Solar Output Collapses


In wind and solar obsessed Australia it’s one thing to have electricity, it’s quite another to be able to pay the bill. STT helped draw attention to an event in January when 200,000 Victorian businesses and households were left sweltering during heatwave, as a collapse in wind power output led to widespread load shedding (ie controlled blackouts).

In the lead up, dozens of energy hungry businesses were dumped from the grid under Australia’s Soviet-era system of power rationing, euphemistically called “demand management”, where businesses are paid handsomely to not use power.

Step back and think about the concept a little more broadly, and the economic insanity reveals itself: because Australia cannot supply enough electricity to consumers, Australian power consumers are paying productive businesses to stop using it. Result? Businesses stop producing whatever it was they might be producing, if they had electricity, in the first place. As an economic ‘policy’…

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Suicide Road: Australia’s Renewable Energy Crisis Threatens Thousands of Well-Paid Jobs


RET renders Australia’s mineral processors a critically endangered species.

An obsession with renewables sent power prices into orbit, destroying thousands of manufacturing jobs. Farmers irrigating crops and vines and milking cows, aquaculture outfits rearing abalone and finfish, mineral processors and miners are next.

The relationship between having reliable and affordable electricity and sustaining profitable enterprise is entirely lost on Labor and the Greens. Although, among their number, there are plenty who would merrily destroy capitalism in a heartbeat, given the chance.

On the notionally conservative side, the Liberals are divided between bed-wetters, who presume that voters are ready to destroy their country from within and a handful of sensible souls, like Craig Kelly, ready to die in a ditch to deliver meaningful employment to Australians, by way of the reliable and affordable energy, business depends on.

A timely blast from former Deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce (a National) – demanding…

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Bluff & Bluster: US Wind Industry Furious Over Trump’s Promise to Slash Massive RE Subsidies


Way back in 1984, wind cultist Christopher Flavin’s told us that “in a few years’ time wind energy will not need to be subsidised.” 34 years on, the subsidies just keep on flowing and, without those subsidies, the so called wind ‘industry’ would disappear like a snowflake in summer.

No matter where they ply their trade, the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers will never be accused of running a consistent theme when it comes to wind power’s (supposed) ability to compete with conventional generation sources.

Whenever the political brains trust start challenging the true and hidden costs of wind power to their constituents, these boys start babbling about the wonders of wind being “free”; their “technology constantly improving”; their costs coming down all the time; and – in their more fantasy-filled moments – making the wildest claim of all: that wind power is already truly competitive with coal and…

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