Bluff & Bluster: US Wind Industry Furious Over Trump’s Promise to Slash Massive RE Subsidies


Way back in 1984, wind cultist Christopher Flavin’s told us that “in a few years’ time wind energy will not need to be subsidised.” 34 years on, the subsidies just keep on flowing and, without those subsidies, the so called wind ‘industry’ would disappear like a snowflake in summer.

No matter where they ply their trade, the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers will never be accused of running a consistent theme when it comes to wind power’s (supposed) ability to compete with conventional generation sources.

Whenever the political brains trust start challenging the true and hidden costs of wind power to their constituents, these boys start babbling about the wonders of wind being “free”; their “technology constantly improving”; their costs coming down all the time; and – in their more fantasy-filled moments – making the wildest claim of all: that wind power is already truly competitive with coal and…

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Idiocracy Rules: Brainwashed Brats Ditch School to Bleat For All Wind & Sun Powered Future


Apparently, RE zealots think illiterate school kids ranting about wind and solar saving us from imminent global incineration is a good thing.

Putting aside the central premise and the debate about whether carbon dioxide gas (a naturally occurring, beneficial trace gas essential for life on earth) is just plant food or a pernicious and deadly toxin, maliciously designed to wipeout life as we know it, the witless young school waggers have absolutely no idea about how electricity is generated, distributed or used (mummy charges their iPads and phones, as if by magic).

This is a generation who operate in a fact and consequence free zone, where wild and emotive passion trumps cool and logical reason, every time.

Plenty of placards amongst the youthful and exuberant mob concerned heartless politicians “burning their future”, by not throwing $trillions more in subsidies at intermittent wind and solar.

The poor little mites…

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Power Play: Call for Reliable & Affordable Electricity Means Investing in New Coal-Fired Plant


Australia’s self-inflicted renewable energy calamity sent power prices through the roof, leaving hundreds of thousands unable to afford power. In this country blessed with abundant reserves of coal, gas and uranium. It’s Australia’s Great Shame.

The causes are all political; driven by the delusional hard-green-left that people the Greens and that now dominates the Labor Party, aided and abetted by a handful of bed-wetters in the (notionally conservative) Liberal Party.

Starry-eyed latte sippers in the inner city (who haven’t a clue about electricity generation or distribution) are fair game for RE zealots and the rent-seekers who employ them to with up a frenzy around imminent global incineration.

Windmills and solar panels are the only ‘solution’ advanced to our pending climate doom.

Never mind that no country, anywhere on Earth, has ever powered itself in any meaningful way with wind and solar; no country ever will.

Australia is at the crossroads…

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American Resistance: Rural Communities Reject Destructive & Disruptive Wind Power Projects


One wind industry myth is that farmers and families can’t wait to have 300 tonne wind turbines speared into their backyards. A raft of litigation, protests and open hostility to the wind industry, in general, and wind developers, in particular, suggests otherwise.

As Robert Bryce details below, rural communities are not prepared to give up the value of their properties, or the ability to live in their very own homes, to allow a handful of inner-city elites to wallow in their own, dubious, ‘virtue’.

Vacant-land mythology impedes serious energy discussions
The Hill
Robert Bryce
25 February 2019

Perhaps the most enduring myth in American energy politics is that there’s an endless amount of vacant land out there in flyover country that’s ready and waiting to be covered with forests of renewable-energy stuff. The truth is quite different. All across the country, rural communities — even entire states…

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American Wreckers: Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘New Green Deal’ is an Economic Suicide Pact


Unhinged flibbertigibbet with plan to wreck America’s power supply.

Out to destroy an entire economy? Start with energy. South Australia did. A 50% RET delivers the world’s highest power prices and the chaotic delivery of wind and solar has left the wind and solar capital an international laughingstock. Frequent and mass power cuts, along with Australia’s only statewide blackout, helped on that score.

There’s something about the zealot and their ability to ignore established reality. It’s as if the sun will stay perched at its zenith, all day, every day, in a clear blue sky; and that the wind will blow 24 x 7, on command.

When it comes to zealots, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – the recently anointed Democrat Congresswoman – takes the cake. Here’s a couple from the States on where America is headed, should the likes of Ocasio-Cortez get anywhere near the controls.

The Farcical “Green…

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Bill Gates Tackles Climate Barons: Getting Renewables & Batteries to Work Needs a ‘Miracle’


When the world’s richest entrepreneur says wind and solar will never work, it’s probably time to listen. When we posted this story – Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar: ‘Let’s Quit Jerking Around With Renewables & Batteries’ – a couple of weeks back, listen they did – that post went viral with over 40,000 hits, so far.

Where Bill Gates is happy to tell it as it is, there are plenty more who are just as eager to take the public for fools. Threatening imminent global doom in one breath, and claiming that the only solution is windmills and solar panels in the next, a new breed of Robber Baron is driving energy policy in the US, and beyond.

Peter Foster details the latest brand of mercenary, corporate cynicism at work. This time being run by what he calls the ‘Climate Barons’.

Bill Gates, defying the Climate Barons, tells…

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Europe’s Wind Industry Faces Total Collapse: No New Wind Farms Built Since 2017


RE zealots tout rapidly increasing wind power capacity as ‘success’. Except, in Europe a dozen countries haven’t erected a single turbine during 2018, and that coincides with a massive slowdown in construction elsewhere.

As you tread your way through the following article, be sure to ignore the usual rubbish about this wind farm ‘powering’ hundreds of thousands of homes. What they meant to say, of course, is that – on those rare occasions when wind conditions are perfect – and the turbines are actually operable, heavily subsidised wind power will knock conventionally generated electricity out of the market, for a few hours at a stretch. Until calm weather sets in and coal, gas, hydro and nuclear picks up the tab, once again.

Propaganda aside, the message from the article is pretty clear: with an almost total collapse in new construction, the wind industry has had its heyday in Europe.

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No Contest: Intermittent Subsidised Wind & Solar Most Expensive Electricity of All


Sunset and calm weather mean that wind and solar don’t compete with coal, gas or nuclear power, but that doesn’t stop pointless cost comparisons. Electricity generated when you don’t need it, is worthless – and wind or solar power that you can’t get, just when you need it most, can’t be bought at any price. And that’s what comes if you attempt to rely on sunshine and the weather.

In this little analysis, Donn Dears dumbs it down, so that even the most numerically challenged might appreciate just why chaotically intermittent wind and solar will never replace conventional power generation.

Worldwide Costs for Power Generation
Power for USA
Donn Dears
19 February 2019

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently issued a report, World Energy Outlook WEO 2018, on the energy transition that, according to the IEA, is underway in an effort to combat climate change. 

The IEA claimed…

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Victoria’s Victims: Wind & Solar Obsession Sees 60,000 Families Cut From the Grid After (Another) 16% Power Price Hike


An obsession with chaotically intermittent wind and solar has sent Victorian power prices through the roof: a 16% increase in 2018 follows a 12% increase the year before that.

Given its Labor government’s push for a 50% RET, Victorians will soon catch up with their neighbours in Australia’s wind and solar capital, South Australia – the place that suffers the world’s highest power prices.

The relationship between heavily subsidised and inherently unreliable wind and solar and spiralling power prices is pretty clear: see above the graphic from Dr Michael Crawford.

Making it evident that ‘green’ energy virtue signalling is a rich man’s sport, RE zealots still trumpet the purportedly ‘inevitable’ transition to an all wind and sun powered future: to hell with the cost, and to hell with those who can no longer afford electricity.

With power prices rocketing out of control, no end in sight, there are already

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Eve of Destruction: Australia’s Economy First Victim of Renewable Energy Fiasco


Coal and the PM: if only it was a marriage and not a passing affair.

If the objective of Australia’s energy policy is destroying its economy, we’re well on the way. With more than $70,000,000,000 squandered on subsidies to wind and solar, both large-scale and domestic, power prices rocketing out of control, routine, mass power cuts, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in, and the destruction of reliable baseload power plants (South Australia blew up its last coal-fired power plant last year, following suit Victoria took out its Hazelwood plant) – the results can be fairly called an utter fiasco.

One of the few that saw this coming, from the very beginning, was Alan Moran. Here he is detailing the self-inflicted disaster that’s beset the once Lucky Country.

Energy policy: the $72 billion fair dinkum disaster
Spectator Australia
Alan Moran
26 February 2019

Energy and climate…

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