RE Madness Must End Now: Tony Abbott Calls Time-Out on Economy-Wrecking Paris Climate ‘Deal’

Australia considering pulling out?


There are good deals, there are bad deals and there are disastrous deals. For Australia the Paris Climate ‘deal’ is a monstrous disaster.

The realisation that an energy superpower found itself enmeshed in what is – for all intents and purposes – an international suicide pact, has just hit home.

The only justification (if it be a justification) for the trillions of dollars in subsidies thrown at intermittent, unreliable and chaotic wind and solar is that the purported reductions in carbon dioxide emissions associated with that pair will automatically prevent the planet from overheating.

The wind and solar industries are yet to produce a single shred of evidence to support their claims of substantial CO2 emissions reductions.

And it’s not just an absence of evidence, the world’s leading exponent of wind and solar, Germany, has squandered hundreds of billions of euros on subsidies and yet its CO2 emissions continue to…

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