New Dark Age: Renewable Energy Debacle Crippling Business, Punishing Households


The stated aim of the Green-left is the destruction of Australia’s reliable and affordable electricity supply. It’s dressed up as a burning hatred of evil fossil fuels, but in reality, it’s just naked contempt for their fellow Australians.

A couple of warm days last week – coupled with dramatic collapses in wind and solar output (the former related to the weather, the latter related to sunset) – saw dozens of energy hungry businesses chopped unceremoniously from the grid, along with 200,000 Victorian households and 30,000 South Australian households

Summertime temperatures weren’t the only thing that rose – there’s a palpable sense of fury among the proletariat, not least because they’ve been played for fools by those responsible for the mess.

Lily D’Ambrosio heads up Victoria’s Climate Cult and the Department for Destroying Reliable and Affordable Energy.

On Friday 25 January, Lily – apparently channelling King Canute – assured her constituents…

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